Twelve different through coloured shades give SILBONIT boards an extremely natural appearance, which is their main feature.

Its excellent mechanical characteristics make it one of the most suitable cladding materials for reliable, elegant and high quality solutions.

Colour nuances, little conglomerates of raw materials and faint smoothed lines characterise its surface.

Colours and treatments

Colours, even though reproduced with great care, can vary compared to the original ones. For colour choice, one must decide from samples supplied by the company, keeping in mind that some difference in tone is possible between different batches and that every board is unique.

Hydrophobic Treatment

A water repellent, colourless substance scattered on the boards, reduces absorption. It also helps to reduce water and dirt spots. This treatment exalts the natural features of  the surface, keeping the innate authenticity of this product unchanged for a long time.

Transparent Acrylic Antigraffiti

The natural nuances of the board are intensified by an acrylic transparent finishing that gives brilliance and intensity to the base colouring. Thanks to the elaborate process of application of paint on both surfaces and to the protection on the sides, the board obtains specific features resistant to graffiti, salt fog and to sulfur dioxide. This kind of treatment encourages the application of these boards in urban zones with high smog density and near the sea. For cuttings done on building sites, we advice that the cut edges should be treated before being set. Acrylic transparent anti graffiti treatment is available only for Silbonit with standard finishing.

Acrylic Pigmenta Antigraffiti

Colour choice is very important in architectural planning; Silbonit Pigmenta provides an extraordinary wide range of colours for good  taste contemporary cladding.

On a through colour base, a full colour applied on the surface can satisfy any aesthetic taste. It’s possible to recreate whatever colour  required choosing from the NCS range (300 m2 minimum quantity required).

Silbonit Pigmenta Boards are available only with standard finishing.

For Cuttings done on building sites, it’s recommended to adjust the cut edges with the special product before setting the boards.

Surface Finishing


Silbonit Idro

Standard Finishing

During the finishing phase, both sides of the boards are sanded to get the right calibration and evenness on the surface (tolerance on thickness of a sanded board is ± 0.2mm).

Faint straight lines, lengthwise,  characterise the surface of the board that can is visible. Available in 12 through colours, with hydrophobic or anti graffiti treatment.

(during cutting phase, it’s recommended to consider the direction of the sanding lines on the surface of the board)

SIlbonit Surface

Silbonit Surface

The interesting work done on the surface gives the board a particular rustic and irregular look. Having a great aesthetic impact, the surface gives off a natural colour effect which is of great value.

Silbonit Surface is available in three through colours with hydrophobic treatment.

Silbonit Groove

Silbonit Groove

Deep lines run along the length of the board and give the fibercement a natural soul, giving it a wooden effect. Groove finishing, as well as giving value to the surface, looks pleasant and modern.

Available in 12 through coloured tonalities with hydrophobic finishing.

Silbonit Stripes

Silbonit Stripes

The surface characterised by continuous lines is interrupted by regular cavities. The Board looks like an assembly of wooden boards, and recalls a slat effect, typical of dry constructions.

Available in 12 through coloured tonalities with hydrophobic treatment.

Silbonit Sandblasted

Silbonit  Sandblasted

The particular smoothing of this finishing gives an irregular and worn out effect, and, at the same time, a refined look that highlights the soft through colorured tones of the product.