Società Italiana Lastre environmentally friendly

The ever evolving goals of ecological culture see the Italian Society slabs at the forefront. The responsibility for the environment has prompted the company to undertake concrete actions, qualifying their products and by making environmental protection to its industrial growth.

In 2004 Italian Company Slabs obtained ISO EN14001 environmental certification, thereby starting the process of reducing waste, pollution and energy consumption, improving its production efficiency in a sustainable system.

It starts with starting from the choice of raw materials, most of which are of mineral origin.

At least 85% of raw materials used come from sites next to the production plant.

The cellulose organic fibers used in the production process comes from forests where they met the strict environmental, social and economic – FSC® certification.

Special attention is paid to the choice of suppliers, in turn certified and committed to reducing the environmental impact and particularly CO2 emissions.

The production process takes place inside the SIL factory in respecting the environment.

The vapors are released into the air; dust emissions are below the permissible level and controlled by HEPA filters.

The use of drinking water is reduced to a strict minimum and the water used in the production process are closed circuit and totally recycled.

Part of damp dust and scraps resulting from production are reused in subsequent production processes.

The dried clippings are recycled by specialist companies; They are mixed with cement and reused for road beds.

Not least, the finished product, once installed, requires little maintenance and thanks to the thermal insulation that helps create, helps significantly to reduce the pollution generated by the heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Long-term, once its function, can be disassembled and recycled as inert.