Ignistop is the latest generation silicate board, born to be used in passive fire protection. It’s a cement made board, free of asbestos or toxic substances.

Ignistop is suitable for many applications that require maximum safety in case of fire; it has obtained the fire reaction class A1. All fire certifications obtained meet new mandatory legislation in force from September 2012 (Ministerial Decree of 16/02/2007).

  1. Reaction to fire : Class A1
  2. Standing partition EI 90 – E 120
  3. Free-standing partition EI 120
  4. Standing partition EI 180
  5. Redevelopment wall pierced by 8 cm EI 90 – E 120
  6. Canne scavenging for testing filters smoke EI 120
  7. Bulkheads shunt for underground garages EI 120
  8. Tunnels closures EI 60