Società Italiana Lastre Spa - Lastre in fibrocemento

Why choose fibercement cladding from Società Italiana Lastre?

There are many advantages in using Fibercement from Società Italiana Lastre. Fibercement is made from eco friendly material, produced respecting the environment; it’s made mainly from cement, cellulose mineralised fibers, silica and water.

The main feature of a SILBONit board is it’s long-term resistance to thermal shock, different weather conditions, humidity, mould, bugs and rodents.

 It is non inflammable (Reaction to fire classification: a2 s1 d0 according to EN 13501-1).

Used in requalifications or new buildings, applied externally on a ventilated facade, thanks to a wind flow that is shaped in the gap between the cladding and the wall, it guarantees good thermal and acoustic isolation, eliminating thermal bridging, and with high energy saving and consequent cost reduction in heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

It’s quick and cheap to be installed and it doesn’t need much maintenance.

The wide range of colours and surface finishings are thought to inspire designers’ creativity and to satisfy the tastes of more and more customers.